Technology and Interpersonal Communication:

Technology and Interpersonal Communication:


Interpersonal communication is the basic necessity and need in one’s life, since we have technologically progressed and we are advanced by all means the style and way of our communication has changed drastically. Technology not only covered the communications gap and has made the world a global village it has also affected the way we communicated. As we already know that sending or receiving a message would takes days to get through by post now everything and anything is a click away from us. All the advancements have provided us with different platforms to express, vent, send or receive messages some of the very prominent mediums are snapchat, Facebook,Email,Instagram, Twitter and etc all these mediums are used to enhance interpersonal communication but unfortunately we have become so reliant on technology that the idea of in person one on one communication is in danger.

The actual interconnectivity between people, community and society is getting weaker. The whole idea of staying “wired” (making use of computers to transfer or receive information, especially by means of the Internet.) is actually taking away all the physical activity and creating virtual world for the users to stay connected to it. The idea of one on one conversations are dying as it is more easy and the transmission of less emotions present people can prefer confrontation via technology that is the reason why relationships are getting complicated and people have started to avoid one on one conversation. We need to realize the difference between sharing information or receiving information through technology but we need to know that having an emotional and heartfelt conversation it is the last place you would want to be in. “Twenty-eight percent of car accidents involve talking or texting on cell phones” , “46% of smartphone owners say their smartphone is something ‘they couldn’t live without’”, with all of this psychological researches show that a large number of people are facing depression due to the more use of internet.

There are small moments and situations in life where you would want to enjoy the moment or the memory without involving technology in order to keep it safe in your mind and memories but people nowadays prefer posting everything online, Snapchat is one of the most commonly used application to exchange daily routine moments, life without technology think for a moment and the first thing which will come to your mind will be “boring” or “incomplete” which is very dangerous as we don’t need technology as a getaway when we have healthy one on one conversations which with all the xpressions,emotions and touch can make the communication complete. Things without technology was less complicated and more easy to but now with more mediums the communication is very complicated as there are moments when multiple conversations are taking place at the same time. Technology has taken over the world as new innovations are being made every other day trying to make communication more easier and faster but saving time is not what it’s all about it’s about taking saving time that also with all the right emotions and meaning as a simple text messages can have different meanings which are being perceived differently by different person.


Applications and number of users:

  1. Snapchat has 158 million daily active users (2 Feb 2017)
  2. Facebook has more than 1.94 billion monthly active users as of March 31, 2017
  3. Instagram has 7 million active users in 2017


These are just a few prominent applications there are a number of different applications all for different ways to communicate there are still a number of people left from probably 90’s who would want to communicate still in person but the upcoming generations are having a different childhood than us (90’s) as we had more physical activities (outdoor activities) which are now replaced by video games and other applications. This virtual addiction got to the celebrities and the prominent figures even. People are actively taking part in social issues through these mediums but easy access of everything and everyone is very dangerous as the cyber crime rate is increasing. There are a lot of darkness and dark activities going under the cover of technology as cyber crime is increasing and in the web of these codings and decodings there are people doing criminals activities for example (illegal selling/adoption of children and newborn babies are done online through different facebook pages and etc)

Such acts has made a lot difficult to cope up with all the technological changes and connectivities which are important for any society or community to survive.



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